Jess & Ollie

Who could forget these two lovelies?  Ollie and Jess came to us a couple of months ago now, as emergency cases. They were in bad shape and needed urgent veterinary care and rehab. These two were absolutely a team effort up in QLD – multiple carers dropped everything to get them asap, they had emergency treatment including grooming and dentals in short term care, and then went into long term care.

As is so often the case with these beautiful creatures, Jess (blue roan) and Ollie proved to be very forgiving and just wanted to bond with someone to love.

Darling Ollie has been left with wonky back legs, due to past abuse. He has had xrays and a CT scan to be sure nothing else is going on, and the specialists have said that is just who he is now. He also has some psychological scars from his traumatic past, and can have a tendency to guard his master…this is stemming from anxiety and he is learning to overcome it (brave boy), but his new family had to be willing to accommodate this and continue to work with him on it.

Thankfully, we found just the family for these two beautiful babies, and they have settled in beautifully.  They are so loved and very happy.  Watch this space for happy ever after pics 🙂


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