Billie is ready for adoption!

Hi everydoggy! Billie here! Though you may like to call me Boo Boo, Goose, Goosey McGoose or Billie Boo Boo – that’s what my foster family calls me sometimes and I don’t mind one bit! Hey, it’s all attention right?  I  am on the lookout for my forever home, and am ready to interview pawtential pawrents for this most esteemed pawsition!

So, about ME: I am 4 years old, an English Setter and am super sweet. I love little people, big people, teeny tiny people and I live with two other doggies and two cats (cats are still a grey area Mrs ECSA said…whatever that means). I love when people come to visit! I get to make new friends! I am very good with my house manners and I always go outside to *whispers* go to the toilet. I have a medical condition, something called Pa..Pan..Pan…oh I don’t know, Mrs ECSA will explain but it doesn’t stop me from living and loving my life! I am very snuggly and I simply can’t live without cuddles…lots and lots of cuddles. So people who don’t cuddle need not apply.

About YOU: You will have little people, I do love them so. You will also have a premium Netflix subscription so as to enable us to snuggle as often as possible on the couch. This is very impawtant. You will be home more than you’re out and you will love me and I will be a part of your family. You will play with me and we will do zoomies – I am prepared to be flexible on this one, if my pawrents can’t do zoomies with me themselves, the little people can, that will be ok.

If you would like to be interviewed by me and my foster Mum, send an EMAIL to Mrs ECSA at She knows what to do.

Fast Facts about Billie:
Age: 4 years
Sex: Female
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes 956000005596946
HEALTH ISSUES: Yes, Pancreatic Insufficiency, requires medication, 1 tablet with each meal, currently on 1 meal per day and small amount of treats. Cost for 100 tablets is $129.

BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES: SSSGS (Severe Super Sooky Goose Syndrome) and SNRPSD (Severe No Regard for Personal Space Disorder)

Location: Melbourne, Vic
Interstate Adoption: NO
Adoption Fee: $600
Pet Exchange ID: EE102964

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