*** Adoption Pending*** Merida

Hi everydoggy,

I’m not like those other girls! I’m very shy, gentle and watchful. I much prefer to be a spectator rather than a pawticipator. I’m not sure about cuddles yet, but I quite like my tummy being tickled. I don’t like pats, but I do like to be stroked. I like my house to only have grown ups, because it’s quieter. Little people make me VERY nervous and I go and hide.

I’ve started to follow my foster mum around everywhere in case she does something interesting, because you never know! I like to sit on the sofa with my special human, I might even eat a treat from your hand if you leave it there for a minute. Oh, I have also learned that it’s ok to race outside and go wee wee, ‘cause I’ll be allowed back in. I don’t have to stay outside all by myself all the time. It’s super impawtant that I’m allowed to stay inside when my people go out. If I were outside I’d get so very frightened if I heard a loud noise and I would find a way to escape and hide. I’m such a good girl, and I promise I will just sleep on the couch until you come home. Everything will be just as you left it.

I like to go for a walk with the other dogs, I even run around and wag my tail, but I get scared by the wind, and trees and leaves and noises. But mum says that’s ok and I’ll get used to them eventually. I probably won’t come to you when you call me for a very long time, but I will follow you after a few weeks. I can’t help it, I’m a spaniel at heart so am nosy, but humans are scary, they’re so big!

I would like another doggy in my house too, one who’s easy going, confident and clever who can help me learn more about the world and humans.

If you would like to take on a pretty girl who needs to learn all about the world slowly and quietly, and teach me how to enjoy my life, contact Mrs ECSA, I’ve asked her to be really thorough and cautious, just like me.

Merida xo

Fast Facts about Merida:
Age: 6 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Cavalier X Cocker Spaniel
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes 941000014402485
Health Issues: No
Behavioural Issues: Very timid, shy
Location: Vic, just west of Melb
Interstate Adoption: NO – too difficult to get her back to her foster home if she is returned
Adoption Fee: $595
Source Number: EE102964

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