Everydoggy wave your ears in the air, wiggle those butts and give a rousing round of appaws to welcome the Cocker formerly known as Prince!

This gorgeous golden boy is the little bloke I posted about last weekend, who needed to come in asap. He came to us as Prince, is now Douglas and is an absolute joy. He is loving life in his Melb foster home, he loves the little people, the big people, the other Cocker and even the cat! The feelings are all mutual – again, even that cat! If he can win a cat over instantly he must be special hey?

He needs a groom, and has some ear trouble that has been an ongoing problem, which we will need to get sorted, but that’s nothing we haven’t seen before right? He is BEAUTIFUL, and if he’s not a foster fail, which I kinda see happening (pmsl) he will make a very lucky family a wonderful companion.

Welcome darling boy, what a joy you are to have.

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