Everydoggy wave your ears in the air, wiggle those butts, run around zoomies and give a rousing round of appaws to welcome Teddy to ECSA!!!  That’s a funny looking Cocker I hear you say!  Well yes, he just happens to really really look like a poodle!

Sweet Teddy is just a baby at only 1 year old. He was purchased from a pet store, which means he came from a puppy farm and was separated from his mum way too young. As a result he has some issues that he needs help overcoming.

Those issues are with people though, not other dogs. Teddy LOVES other dogs so much! Loves to romp and play, rough and tumble and generally get into mischief. When it comes to people, he’s not so sure. He is bunking down with a group of friendly, merry Cockers in country Vic while he learns some rules and doggy etiquette.

Teddy isn’t ready for adoption yet, not sure when he will be at this stage, we need to get to know him a little better first and learn what makes him tick.

Welcome sweetheart! You’re misunderstood and a little complicated but that’s ok, we think you’re adorable and are so happy you’re here with us.

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