Everydoggy wave your ears in the air, wiggle your butts and whisper a quiet and gentle welcome to sweet Polly.  Polly has come to us via another rescue, who felt she may do better with peeps who know Cockers like we do, and for that we thank them 🙂

We don’t have any history on little Polly, but she is showing all the signs of a breeding facility girl.  She is very flighty and shut down, but with time and patience she will blossom. She is bunking down in Sydney with the beautiful Glenda, who adopted her foster pawrents earlier this year 😉 Glenda is a former breeding girl herself, so Polly’s foster family are well versed in helping her.

She is booked in to be spayed on Monday, and will then enjoy some r&r before her rehab truly begins. In the meantime she will find her paws in her lovely foster home.

Welcome darling girl, we are so happy you’re here with us, can’t wait to watch you blossom into a true princess.

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