Everydoggy wave your ears in the air, wiggle those butts and give a rousing round of appaws to welcome Cooper to ECSA!!!

Cooper is the latest addition to ECSA and all we can say is WOW! WHAT A GUY! He is a Cocker x Border Collie and he is beautiful! Lively yes, jumpy with excitement yes, but a quick study to be sure. His foster dad has already started working with him and can see Cooper putting his best paw forward and wanting so much to do the right thing, super cute!

After a romp around the backyard with the resident Cockers and a bit of training fun, it was time for a snooze by the fire at Mum’s feet while she was sewing.

I have a feeling this sweet boy won’t be in care for long, and I know he will make a lucky family a wonderful companion. We just need to learn a bit about what makes him tick first.

Welcome handsome boy! You’ve already won our hearts, we’re so happy you’re here.

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