G’day everydoggy! Cooper here! I’m on the lookout for my forever family, would you like me to come live with you?

I’m only a young bloke at 4 years old, so I have heaps of energy to burn. I LOVE off lead doggy parks where I can make friends and play with other dogs! I can run and run and go zoomies everywhere and burn off lots of energy.

I do love cuddles, I must say they’re pretty nice. I like to sing too – my foster Mum and I sing songs together, it’s something we love to do! She loves the sound of my voice!

I spent the first few years of my life in a backyard, all alone, well, I had a chicken to hang with but that’s it. I never got to go inside, or go for a walk or anything so sometimes I still get a bit spooked out in the big wide world, especially if a big loud truck or motorbike goes past…sheesh they’re scary! My foster Mum has this really cool thing she does though, when we hear a truck coming she says “Cooper, what is that?” and when it gets closer she gives me a treat – this is what my trainer taught her to do and it really works!

I sometimes still get a bit confused about what’s mine, and what’s my family’s stuff, and whether its ok for them to take it off me, so it’s probably better for me to go somewhere where there’s no children. I’m learning quickly though, I promise – I love to learn things, especially tricks! I’d love to show you some tricks I can do!

My new family will need to be patient, loving people who understand that change is hard for me, because I’ve had not had a lot of love or life experience until now, but I promise I will put my best paw forward and do my very best.

My foster Mum writes:
“Cooper is very energetic, loves off the leash parks where he can run and play with other dogs, he also loves a cuddle though. He’s very vocal (he even sometimes sings along with you). He also doesn’t like to be alone if your near by (so for example, if he thinks no one is home he’s calm, but if he knows you’re home and he’s not with you, he wants to be with you)”

Fast facts about Cooper:
Age: 4yo
Sex: Male
Breed: Cocker Spaniel X Border Collie
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes 900032002659285
Health Issues: No
Behavioural Issues: Lack of socialisation, can resource guard but easily managed, SSCS (super sooky cocker syndrome) and SNRPSD (severe no regard for personal space disorder)

Location: Melbourne, Vic
Interstate Adoption: NO (too difficult to get back to foster carer if returned)
Adoption Fee: $595
Source No.: EE102964

To enquire about Cooper, please send an email to

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