Look who’s ready for her forever home…

Little Luna has come so far during her Stay ‘n’ Train with Hanrob.  She is a lovely little girl, who is  extremely smart and LOVES to learn new things. She is a girl who needs rules and boundaries and responds extremely well to them.

Interstate adoption is NOT an option for her, as the meet and greets will be taking place at Hanrob Pet Hotel in Brisbane, with Helen, Luna’s trainer. Helen will go through everything they’ve done with her during the training, how to work with Luna going forward and will also follow up in the adopters home following the adoption.

The best home for Luna will have no children under 13 and no other pets, so that she can have all the attention on her.

If you would like Luna to interview you to become her pawrents, please send an email to

Luna’s trainer writes:
“She is a real little sweetheart that is going to make someone very happy. Her sociability with dogs is coming along nicely also. She actually quite likes other dogs and is quickly learning how to interact appropriately with them.

Her true sweet nature is now starting to shine through and she is becoming a confident, quirky, fun girl to work with. She now looks forward to going out and spending time with other dogs. Today she even initiated play, going into a nice flirty little bow play with one of her favourites. Such a big step for her!

Luna is also developing a nice level of obedience. Still pulls a bit on lead but has an amazing recall with a moderate level of distractions. Will send to her mat and wait to be released before moving off and is getting very fast at “Sit and Drop” when asked and is also holding good duration until released”.

Fast Facts about Luna:

Age: 12 months
Sex: Female
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Health Issues: No
Behavioural Issues: Strong personality, needs firm rules and boundaries
Location: Brisbane
Interstate Adoption: NO
Adoption Fee: $695

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