Abbie is a beautiful, sweet girl, who came to us from a puppy farm.  She was very timid at first, frightened of everything but soon blossomed into her lovely self.   She is a bit of a collector – shoes, socks, pictures, keys, you name it, she’ll collect it. She has a little stash that she keeps very neat and tidy.  This may sound very cute, but it’s actually quite sad, collecting things is a common trait of these sweet dogs, who are missing their babies.

Abbie is a very special girl who has found her happy ending with a lovely couple and their sweet little Cavvie.  They understand her nerves around new things, and give her time and space to get used to them.  Her and her partner in canine crime quickly became firm friends and are now inseparable.

Good luck Abbie, please stay in touch with us so that we can follow your journey sweet girl.

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