About Us

Cocker Spaniel Rescue Australia (CSRA) runs under the umbrella of English Cocker Spaniels Australia Incorporated, and was originally started as a Facebook page, to act as a starting point to network Cockers in need.  It quickly became far more, within weeks CSRA became a rescue in its own right, taking in it’s first Cocker.  Over the years, CSRA has built a good reputation and good working relationships with both other rescue groups and large animal welfare organisations.  CSRA was the first group in Australia set up specifically for rescue only, for Cocker Spaniels, and since it’s inception in March 2012, has taken in over 500 Cocker Spaniels all over Australia.

CSRA is a breed specific, foster based, no kill rescue group and registered charity.  We take in Cocker Spaniels that find themselves in need and place them in foster homes to be cared for until they are adopted.  We take in all Cockers – young, old, the so-called “unadoptables” and everything in between.    Our foster carers are the heart of CSRA, and we could not run without them.

Cockers that we take in are welcome to stay with us as long as they need to.  There is no time limit on rehabilitation.  They may be in need of rehabilitation because they have suffered abuse or neglect and have behavioural problems that need to be overcome, or they may simply not be ready to move on.  That’s ok, we’ve got time.  We also have Cockers who remain with us permanently, due to either old age, severe health problems or behavioural issues.


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