Rosie came into our care in a shocking state.  A keen eyed foster carer spotted her for sale on Gumtree and quickly raced around to buy her, and surrendered her to us to ensure that Rosie got the care that she desperately needed.

When Rosie arrived, it was apparent she needed immediate, urgent veterinary attention.  She was taken straight to the vet, who was shocked at just how bad her condition was.  Her ears were red raw, swollen, inflammed and filled with pus.  The darling girl was in unspeakable pain.   She was sedated and given pain relief while she waited to see the vet.

Her ears were so bad that they required flushing TWICE in less than 24 hours, because they refilled with pus overnight.  Rosie was sent home to her foster carers the next day with a bag full of ointment, drops and tablets to treat her horrific ear infections.  Within just 48 hours, she was a different dog – the swelling reduced markedly, thereby reducing the pain.  She started eating again and her sweet and funny personality came out 🙂

Once her ears were under control, Rosie was groomed – her foster mum, a nurse, spotted 2 lumps – one on her leg, the other on her belly and wasn’t comfortable with them being there.  Rosie was taken to the vet again, who diagnosed 2 benign but necrotic tumours – had Rosie been receiving proper care in her old home this would not have happened.  She was sent home with antibiotics for 3 days and then re-admitted to the vet for surgery.  She is recovering very happily at home with her family, making the most of being allowed to be inside, lie on the couch and sleep on the beds 🙂

Rosie will not be going up for adoption, her ears are too far gone and will require ongoing management and potentially costly medical care.  But that’s ok – she’s welcome to stay with her lovely foster family who absolutely adore her, and ECSA Inc will ensure that she receives everything she needs to stay a healthy and happy girl for the rest of her days 🙂

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