Vision and Goals



English Cocker Spaniels Australia Incorporated envisions a time when all Cockers, young and old will have loving forever homes. Until this day comes, ECSA Inc. undertakes to be there to advocate, educate and be a safe place to land for Cockers in need. We will never turn a Cocker away, regardless of age, health, behaviour or any other reason.

 Core Values

  • Belief in the right of all pets, to live a life free from neglect, pain and fear in a loving, secure, permanent home
  • Belief in the innate worth of all creatures
  • Belief that no Cocker is beyond help, change is possible
  • Celebration of the human-animal bond
  • Support for humane shelter policies & practices
  • Appreciation of our dedicated, generous supporters


  • To help find good and loving forever homes for Cocker Spaniels in need
  • To be a refuge, sanctuary and soft place to land for Cockers too ill or infirm to rehome
  • To advocate for the welfare of Cocker Spaniels in a way that engenders compassion, respect and empathy for all creatures
  • To educate the public on the care, temperament and needs of our special breed
  • To use our resources in the most efficient and effective manner, while not losing sight of our goals
  • To build and maintain strong working relationships with other rescue organisations
  • To provide a positive, family friendly environment for our supporters, and to always be approachable to anyone seeking assistance with or for their Cocker.
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