Minnie Mouse


In June 2015 we said a gentle, quiet welcome to Minnie Mouse. This sweet little girl was so terrified of people that she screamed and yelped when we tried to touch her. Her lovely foster parents gave her plenty of space and quiet reassurance that she was now safe with nothing to fear. Their own beautiful Cockers Teddy and Wally provided backup support, along with ECSA’s Tubby and Jewels.

Under their gentle care, Minnie Mouse flourished and is now a cheeky, happy little Cocker. She also became a foster fail. Her foster family was just so besotted with her that they couldn’t let her go.

Minnie Mouse is much loved by the ECSA community and we all delighted in each step forward that she took through her rehabilitation. We love to hear about her antics and adventures as she enjoys her wonderful new life.


Minnie Mouse Collage

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