Cindy came to us from a very sad situation.  Following a pregnancy with 6 puppies, 4 of whom died before birth, the 2 live pups died after birth from lack of care.  Cindy was also suffering due to lack of care.  We took her in, and had her on medication for a suspected uterine infection.  When it didn’t clear up, we returned to the vet who decided that she needed to be spayed immediately.  Upon spaying her, they found 6 retained placentas.  The vet who performed her caesarian hadn’t even attempted to remove them.

In our care, under the devoted care of her foster parents Cindy has almost completely recovered, and is now a happy, healthy Cocker.  She is also a foster fail 😉  Her foster parents quickly fell absolutely in love with her and couldn’t bear to part with her, so there will stay, knowing nothing but love, snuggles, good food and a soft bed 🙂

Cindy Collage

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