Beautiful Leo came to us from a lovely  lady who had saved him from a puppy farm.  She fully intended to keep him and fix his medical issues, but her 17 year old Golden Retriever just couldn’t cope with an 8 month old Cocker puppy 🙂

He came to us with Cherry Eye, Prolapsed Third Eyelid, a “delicate’ problem 😉 and an ear infection.  We had those things all fixed, during his time in foster care, and had him seen by an Opthalmologist who informed us that Leo would be regarded as “legally blind” if he were a person, but will be able to have a happy life as long as he feels safe.

Leo has the most laid back, happy go lucky personality.  He is a friend to everyone, loves to meet other dogs and people, loves his little humans and adores his parents – especially his dad.  Leo became a foster fail too, and has since gone on to graduate both Basic and Advanced dog school 🙂

Leo Collage


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