Quiet, gentle welcome to beautiful Angel.  When this little sweetheart first came in, we were unable to post any pics as they were just too distressing.  Among other things, she is another Cocker who’s eyes needed to be removed due to untreated Glaucoma. Happily she has improved during the 2 weeks we’ve had her, thanks to the dedication of her beautiful foster mums – and their band of merry doggies, including ECSA boy Buster 🙂

Angel has been coming along so well – she has a beautiful temperament and is so loving, trusting and sweet. She has had a setback though…her foster mum noticed a lump on her neck and took her to the vet to have it checked and unfortunately, the vet suspects an aggressive cancer. This lump has not affected her disposition at all and the vet does not believe she is in pain. She’s bright and happy and very much wants to be a part of what is going on around her.  She is booked in to have it removed.

Angel will not be rehomed, she will remain with us in permanent foster care for whatever time she has left. She will know nothing but love, care and happiness, we will make sure of that. She deserves that after all she’s been through.

Welcome sweet little girl, we love you to bits and are so happy you’re here xo


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