Sir Hugo

Our first permanent resident, who went on to become the Grand Patriarch of ECSA Inc, was Sir Hugo. This beautiful boy came to us in December 2012, and was in a terrible state – the smell of his ear infection cleared the waiting room in the vet surgery. He was 13 years old, and his ears were 1 stage away from maggot infestation. We knew when we took him in, that he would be a permanent resident – and that was just fine with us. Under the loving, dedicated care of his devoted foster parents Suzie and Alan, Sir Hugo flourished. His ears required ongoing management, but he was a happy, happy boy. He enjoyed the best of food, sleeping on the bed, a spot on the couch, trips in the car and daily walks. He loved his sister Gemma and brother Oscar.

He inspired us all, and the entire ECSA Inc community was devastated when he had to be sent to Rainbow Bridge on November 4th 2013. Sir Hugo inspired us so much, that we are working on an award in his honour.

Hugo (1)


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