Licorice & Milkshake


Milkshake and Licorice came to ECSA after being surrendered for euthanasia, to a kind hearted vet.  One night, their foster carer came home from work, and was surprised that Milkshake was not at the door to greet her…she found her in her basket trembling, and unable to open her eyes.  Milkshake was rushed to the vet, and diagnosed with severe, untreated Glaucoma – the vet had never seen pressure results so high in a dog.  The only way to cure her pain was to remove her eyes.  That was done the next day.

Milkshake astounded everyone with her amazing recovery.  She is a happy go lucky, sociable, friendly girl.  Not to be outdone – Licorice is also a happy go lucky, sociable, playful and friendly girl 🙂  It soon became apparent that these monkeys wouldn’t be requiring permanent foster care as we first thought.

They were adopted together, by a lovely couple and are the apple of their eyes 🙂  Two little princesses in their very own forever home.  We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for these darling girls.


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