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Sweet little Chloe came to ECSA from the RSPCA, following a raid on one of the worst puppy farms in Australia.  Having spent her entire life being used as a breeding machine, little Chloe found life on the outside to be quite frightening.  Luckily, her foster home has the pawfect remedy to help her overcome these fears, in the form of Billie the Cocker Spaniel and Darcy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Chloe is looking to them for guidance, support and a little comfort when it all gets a little overwhelming.

Chloe made making progress with each day that went by, picking a spot on the sofa that’s her favourite, and also found her way to her foster mum’s pillow.

As time went on, Chloe and her foster family bonded and could not be parted.   Chloe became a foster fail and will remain with her foster family who are now her forever family.


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